Eco-Friendly Packaging You Can Feel Good About

Together we can make smarter choices about packaging that reduces plastic pollution.

CompanyBox’s Commitment to the Planet

Our paper

All our corrugated material is 100% recyclable. Our local paper supplier is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) who certifies that any products that come from a forest has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially-responsible, and economically viable manner. They are also a member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Our recycled content ranges from 10% to 45% depending on the paper type. All inner fluting is from 100% recycled material.

Our Ink

We are proud to offer water-based, nontoxic, low VOC ink. As a water-soluble solution, we know when a corrugated box is recycled, unwanted substances aren’t entering the waste and water supply. This ink has earned an ECOLOGO certification and meets environmental criteria throughout its entire life cycle – from production to disposal.

Our partners

We are proud supporters of TreesCharlotte, a nonprofit group dedicated to planting and preserving trees. Working primarily through volunteer efforts, TreesCharlotte focuses on caring for underserved communities in and around Charlotte.

Our Minimums

CompanyBox wants to help you cut down on waste. That’s why we keep our MOQ at 1 on most things– so you can order exactly the number you need.

CompanyBox recycles 100% of our scrap material. Nothing is thrown away.

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