Stick some branding on your products and elevate visibility.

  • available in 4 shapes
  • CUSTOMIZED TO FIt your brand
  • sold on a roll for easy application
  • 100 labels per roll
  • 1 roll mOQ

Let’s brand across all your channels! Labels make are fast & easy way to add to your product packaging. Custom labels make the look of your products match up to their quality. Minimum order for our labels is one roll (with 100 labels per roll).

At this time, samples are not available for custom labels.


White adhesive labels on a roll

Printing Options



Circle, Oval, Rounded Rectangle or Square

Circle Sizes

2 x 2 in

4 x 4 in

6 x 6 in

3 x 3 in

5 x 5 in

Square Sizes

2 x 2 in

4 x 4 in

6 x 6 in

3 x 3 in

5 x 5 in

Oval Sizes

2 x 3 in

2 x 6 in

4 x 6 in

2 x 4 in

5 x 3 in

Rounded Rectangle Sizes

2 x 3 in

3 x 5 in

4 x 6 in

2 x 4 in

3 x 6 in

Am i charged by the amount of colors I use?

The price you see is what you will be charged. Use every color of the rainbow if you want!

Is there a set up fee?

There are no set up fees unless you require professional design help. We have team of structural and graphic designers who work with our customers for an hourly fee.

Quick tips:

  • Always convert to CMYK before uploading files – this allows tighter control over your colors and images.
  • Obtain rich blacks with this build: 30% Cyan (C), 30% Magenta (M), 30% Yellow (Y) and 100% Black (K). Finish it off with a 0.5-point stroke of 100% Black (K) for best quality.
  • Submit graphics and text designs (any non-photographic content) as vector-based PDFs or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files to ensure lines and text are crisp.
  • All text should be at least 8 point and bold colors, made up of one or two inks only (C, M, Y or K).
  • Include at least a 0.25-inch bleed when graphics extend past die-line.
  • Lines in a solid or dark color should be no thinner than 1 point.
  • Make sure all fonts are embedded or outlined.
  • When possible, save your designs using the Adobe PDF/X-1a precept.
assortment of custom sticker labels
assortment of custom sticker labels in a stack

Once your design is complete, simply choose a quantity and add it to your cart. You’ll receive a proof within two business days of ordering. Once we receive approval, your order goes to production.

All orders are produced and shipped out within 15 to 20 business days of approval. Transit time is generally 3 to 5 business days, depending on your location.

Pricing is completely transparent, with no hidden fees. As you create your custom packaging products, the price updates in real-time and includes printing, cutting and glueing, if needed. Shipping costs can be seen once your order is in your cart.

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates are calculated based on the size and weight of your order, as well as your location. We work directly with FedEx to ensure you receive top quality service and pricing. We also offer freight shipping based on size and volume.

Do you offer rush shipping?

We do offer expedited services. Call for a quote to discuss lead times.

How can I get in touch with someone about my order?

We’re here for you! You can email us, use our online chat feature or call us at 877.926.3223.

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