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Product Standard Eco-Friendly Luxe Popular Size
Quantity 500 Quantity 2000 Quantity 500 Quantity 2000
Ear Lock Mailer
$2.75 $2.44 $3.02 $2.68 10x8x4
N/A N/A $3.96 $3.35 9x6x3
Tuck-Top Mailer
$2.10 $1.86 $2.30 $2.05 9x6x3
One-Piece Folder
$2.45 $2.19 $2.70 $2.41 12x12x2
Regular Slotted Carton
$3.12 $2.80 $3.44 $3.09 10x10x10
Full Overlapping Carton
$2.36 $2.12 $2.60 $2.33 8 3/16×4 3/16×10¾
Half-Slotted Carton
$18.06 $16.21 $19.86 $17.83 24x24x38
Header Card
$0.59 $0.53 $0.65 $0.58 12×6
POP Mailer
$3.12 $2.77 $3.43 $3.06 10x8x4
$13.11 $12.65 $14.42 $13.92 40 gallon
Beer Carrier
$2.09 $1.66 $2.30 $1.83 6 pack
Custom Tissue
$1.40 $1.33 N/A N/A 20×30
Custom Labels
$0.69 $0.28 N/A N/A 2×2
Custom Tape
$16.87 N/A N/A N/A
Vinopackaging Wine Carrier
$2.08 $1.65 $2.29 $1.82 3 pack
Vinopackaging Wine Shipper
$6.26 $5.45 $6.89 $6.00 6 pack Standing
Secure Pizza Box
N/A N/A $0.93 $0.88 12” medium

*Prices are based on our most popular sizes for each product

Should I Upgrade to Eco-Friendly Luxe?

Luxe Standard Notes
Gloss Finish Option
Semi-Gloss Finish Option
Premium White Option
Food-Safe Meets guidelines for both primary & secondary packaging
Small Text Printing 4 point 10 point This is the smallest the text can go before blurring
Water-Based Ink CompanyBox proudly uses HP true Water-Based Inks
High Resolution Printing 600 dpi 300 dpi
Perfect Skin Tone
True Litho Replacement Replicates the quality of Lithographic printing without the cost

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What do you recommend for someone just starting?

We’re applauding you for getting started! A branded box is an extension of your brand. If you’re looking to save some money, think about using a Standard Print with one of our standard sizes. Don’t forget design the sides and bottom – we don’t charge for ink coverage so you can use as much as you want!  

What is the highest quality box option you offer?

If you want high resolution with a super smooth finish, our Luxe printing with premium paper is a sure thing. (All Luxe printing includes a semi-gloss finish.) Don’t forget to inside print for a real WOW effect. 

What is your turn-around time?

Our normal turn-around time is 8-10 days. However, during our peak holiday season our production schedule increases to 10-15 days and rush production will not be available. Please understand all turn-around time is dependent on proof approval. Proofs are sent within 48 business hours of order placement. Please add to your address book to ensure you receive your proof.

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