10 Tips for Designing a Custom Subscription BoxHow to Make Sure Your Packaging Stands Out Aug 29, 2018

Picture your customer breaking into a smile. The first interaction people have with a subscription box is when it arrives on their doorstep. This box should make them smile. Do you feel confident about designing that package for your brand? Many people come to us looking for a unique way to ship their subscription box, but […]

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What’s a Flute?How to Choose the Best Board Strength & Board Type for Your Packaging Aug 07, 2018

You’ve got your graphics and design ready. But now it’s time to decide on two things; your board strength and board type. What do these words mean and which one do you go with? It’s one of our most asked questions. We get it; it can be a real head-scratcher. It’s hard to talk packaging […]

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Why Small Businesses Need Custom Packaging Apr 23, 2018

The word custom can sound expensive. It immediately brings dollar signs to mind. Custom tailoring, custom cabinets- these are things you pay extra for- something more costly than its generic counterpart. So it only makes sense that custom packaging would feel out of reach for a small business. Why pay for something that will just […]

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Keep Your Branding Fresh with New Packaging Feb 20, 2018

Keep your brand fresh with new packaging

Company branding can be tricky business. It’s made up of lots of different parts, but one of the most noticeable is your visual branding. Your visual branding is communicated in all kinds of ways. These different avenues can include your web design, logos, and your product packaging. Make Sure Your Packaging is On Brand Product […]

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