Jubilee Plant Box on the Benefits of Plants and Custom Packaging Apr 24, 2019

To celebrate Earth Day, CompanyBox asked the plant experts at Jubilee Plant Box to reflect on the benefits of greenery, how their custom packaging helps with customer expericence and running a start-up business on the side. Co-founders, Liv and Casie met at a job interview and later learned of their shared plant love. After moving to […]

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How Custom Boxes Help Popular Media Site ‘Her Campus’ Engage with Clients and Community Feb 20, 2019

“Custom Packaging takes our products to a completely new level.” – Annie Wang   From day one, we have the pleasure of developing custom packaging for all types of clients. We ship them off to you, with a hope they will be a part of your brand’s story. And it’s those stories that are our […]

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Customer Feature: Seven Sisters Scones Jul 16, 2018

To many people, a scone is a dense, dry biscuit-like cake. It brings to mind images of a quaint afternoon English tea. But with the revolution of the cupcake and then the donut world, why not create an updated version of the scone? That’s just what Hala Yassine and Farrah Haidar did with their company […]

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Customer Feature: Toad Skin Solutions Feb 04, 2018

With the winter season upon us, dry skin is at the forefront of many people’s minds. But to Allan Holiday MD, it was something he thought about more than just in the winter. As a physician with over 25 years of experience he saw and treated people with diabetes. He noticed that dry skin was […]

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Customer Feature: The Boy Box Jun 21, 2017

There is a great podcast from NPR called How I Built This. It focuses on innovators and entrepreneurs and the story behind the successful businesses they have created. If you want to be inspired and have a chance, give it a listen. One question the host, Guy Raz always asks is “how much of your […]

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Customer Feature: Twig New York Jun 02, 2017

Have you ever looked around and found inspiration in the simple things? A twig? A flower? Or just the soil beneath your feet? It’s so easy to brush past nature and not really look at its beauty. But, imagine being inspired by one simple thing and turning it into a business. That is just what […]

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Customer Feature: Sparkle Hustle Grow Mar 20, 2017

Fact: Almost 47 percent of US workers are women. If you’re a woman- go you! Each year on March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated in recognition of the strength and movement for women’s rights. The UN chooses a theme every year with 2017 being “Women in the Changing World of Work”. What a perfect lead-in to our […]

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Customer Feature: All Girl Shave Club Feb 28, 2017

We at CompanyBox feel it is important to promote the great people and businesses we work with. We are happy to add a new category to our blog posts entitled “Customer Feature”, where we plan to highlight some of these companies and dive deeper into what it is they do. So without further ado, read […]

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