Cabarrus Brewing Company

How Cabarrus Brewing Company used a new 12 pack design to keep business steady during Covid.

Cabbarus Brewing Company wanted the essence of their brand to make it into the hands of consumers. How they used a new 12 pack design to keep business steady during Covid.

Cabarrus Brewing Company, located in Concord, North Carolina is deeply rooted in its celebration of local history and tradition. The brewery, known for its quality craft beer and lively atmosphere draws over 7,500 visitors (pre-Covid) each month.


When Covid–19 capped capacity at 50% in the Cabarrus Brewing Co. Tap Room, COO Mark Thompson looked at their operations and knew an adjustment was needed to keep business steady. People were purchasing beer from the store instead of visiting the Tap Room. The marketing team suggested using prominent packaging in order maximize visibility on crowded store shelves.

Packaging is what kept us alive and moving.

Mark Thompson Chief Operations Officer at Cabarrus Brewing Company

Together, CompanyBox and Cabarrus Brewing Co. created a 12-pack box for their popular Cotton Blond Ale. The goal was to offer something other than a traditional 4 or 6 pack. The box was created to mimic the look and colors of the beer cans. Mark Thompson wanted the packaging to deliver the essence of the brand into the hands of the consumers.

To kick things off, the Cabarrus team created a buzz on their social channels by releasing a teaser of the new packaging. Adding this visual aspect instantly got people’s attention.


Once they made the announcement, fans got excited. Cotton Blonde Ale isn’t a new beer, but the larger package provided a better value and saved consumers from making a shopping trip later.

The company saw in increase in retail sales for the Cotton Blonde 12 pack. Cabarrus Brewing Co. now credits their new packaging for keeping business strong in thh 400 retail stores they partner with. They were also able to build a larger social presence with unboxing videos and interest in the brand.

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