January 19, 2021
Success Stories

Kong Box: Moving to Subscription Model with Digital Printing

The KONG Company introduced a new subscription model and it’s redefining what customer-centric operations look like. The decision has become common among companies who want to create more personal customer interactions.

As a global leader in the pet industry, the KONG Company has primarily focused on the retail sector since the 1970s. KONG products can be found with online retailers like Chewy and Amazon, but until recently the company stayed out of direct e-commerce operations. Not long ago, the KONG Company introduced a new subscription model and it’s redefining what buyer/seller interactions look like.

Customer centric focus

The monthly subscription, aptly named the KONG Box, now offers a carefully curated selection of dog products for all sizes and breeds. But, before launching they knew they would first need a branded box that could set the tone for this new consumer experience.

The decision to move toward a customer-centric, digital, subscription style is becoming more commonplace among companies. Many see it as an accessible way to create intentional and personal customer relationships. A recent study shows 78% of consumers will back out of a purchase due to a poor experience and directly put money in the pocket of competitors.

choosing digital 

As with any new venture, KONG Box recognized it was going to take time to grow their subscription customer base. But, unsure of initial numbers, they didn’t want to be managed by large minimum order quantities for packaging. The packaging also had to be something custom and innovative – drawing customers into the unboxing experience

custom Kong – a box for any dog

Together, CompanyBox and KONG Box created an engaging box that solves for both form and function. Digital printing offered a solution to the unknown number challenge – allowing KONG to proactively order the exact number of boxes they needed each month. Choosing digital greatly reduced waste and warehousing costs for extra box storage. The decision also provides a flexible platform for the company to adjust artwork on the fly if needed. The company essentially created a marketing vessel.

New KONG Box customers begin by creating a profile for their dogs at, addressing chewing style, age, personality and dog size. Every box is then custom filled to match each dog’s needs. KONG chose to use CompanyBox’s Snap2pack design as the shipping vessel.

The Snap2pack accommodates a range of handpicked products while also reducing time spent for pack outs. Employees can use the quick setup and built-in seal to increase work efficiency while filling boxes. The design also features a tear strip and inside panel giving the end user a layered and intentional opening experience.

Increased loyalty

KONG is thrilled with the results. To date, the company has sent out over 200,000 individual boxes to dogs across the country. Customer interactions have increased, as well as social media mentions with accelerated unboxing videos featuring the KONG Box.

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