April 6, 2020
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CompanyBox Announces Donation of 100,000 Secure Takeout Boxes™ in response to COVID-19

CHARLOTTE, NC- APRIL 6, 2020- CompanyBox, announced that it has developed a new takeout box and bakery box and will donate 100,000 boxes to any local Charlotte restaurants who would like to use them. The Secure Takeout Box™ and Secure Bakery Box have a single use seal, which keeps the food securely inside until the recipient removes the adhesive tear strip.

“Restaurants have had to close their doors to dine-in patrons. Other small businesses who are part of the restaurant supply chain are also suffering. Businesses like farms, bakeries, breweries and wineries” stated Louie DeJesus, CEO of CompanyBox.

“The only way many of these businesses will survive these difficult times is through offering takeout and delivery” said DeJesus. “We decided to respond. Our hope is that this added peace of mind drives more takeout orders and helps all those involved.”

CompanyBox President, Kyle DeJesus adds, “We’re starting this pilot program in our beloved city of Charlotte with donated hours from our staff, but are looking for ways to get support from others to expand the reach. We envision this working extremely well for food pantries as well.”

Free curbside pick-up will be offered for locals. A delivery option with shipping fees is also an option.

CompanyBox was formed in 2014 by Louie DeJesus and the DeJesus family. A company that believes in the power of branded packaging to make customer connections, CompanyBox launched with the aim to make custom packaging available to everyone. Their mission is to set a new standard for print, with packaging products that allow others to build their brand and elevate their presentation in the e-commerce and retail industries.

For more information on the Secure Takeout Box, click here. To read more about the Secure Bakery Box click here.

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