Custom Samples Your Graphics. Any size. Any style.

Seeing a product in person helps when it’s time to make a decision. That’s why CompanyBox makes it easy to get the samples you need to see our work firsthand. To get started, choose from one of the options below.

Custom Box Sample

See Your Design in Three Dimensions

Get Hands-On

Seeing is believing. A sample shows you exactly what your customers or clients will get when they place an order.

Choose Your Design

Design your box however you want to achieve a great first impression. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Fully Customized

Customize your sample from top to bottom, inside to outside, giving you full presentation control.

We Offer Two Great Sample Options

Embrace the freedom of choosing between a customized box or a sample pack. Our customized box will show you exactly what we can do with you brand while the sample pack gives you a better understanding of the full line of options we offer.

Sample with Your Artwork—Only $29

Take a look at a box personalized just for you. For one flat fee plus shipping, you can choose your size and style, create your design and print in as many colors as you want. Then we’ll mail it to your doorstep for final approval.

Sample Pack—Just Pay Shipping

This is great way to compare finishes and flutes. You will receive samples printed with our Luxe and Standard options. See the difference between Kraft, White and Premium White; in both matte and gloss finishes. All this will arrive in a sample of our most popular box, the Ear-Lock Mailer.

Start building your custom box and packaging today.

Contact Us Build Your Box

Make an Impression with Every Shipment.

At CompanyBox, we believe that there’s a massive opportunity every time you send out a package. Why settle for shipping a boring corrugated box when you can send a custom box or package for your business? We bring the latest technology, high-end printing equipment, fast order fulfillment, and friendly customer service to create a perfect corrugated box for your every need. Our team is ready to help you make a winning impression starting with your next delivery.