Point-of-Purchase Drive Sales Through Custom Design

With custom point-of-purchase displays, Company Box gives you the tools you need to promote your product and services and take them to the next level al at the same time. Our point-of-purchase structures gets your product noticed and ensures that you have complete control over how it is displayed once it arrives. Because of this, our quick process will guarantee that you are prepared for every step of the process. That sets you up for success with the help of our wide assortment of size, style, and design options.

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Display Header Card

These printed pads are slotted and can to attach to HSC or trays
Feature rounded corners.
Extra graphics area for your display.

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Half-Slotted Carton

Use for display packaging.
Flaps are only on the bottom.
Add a header card and create a display or dump bin.

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POP Mailer

Self-locking mailer and shipper.
Converts to counter display to promote your product.
Built-in header saves packaging.

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Water Resistant
100% Recyclable Cooler.
Reinforced Carry Handles.
Secure Lock Lid.

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Wine Pack

Fits Traditional wine bottles.
Available in 1-pack or 2-pack carriers

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Craft Beer Case

Fits 12 oz. long neck bottles.
6 Pack carrier E-Flute.
12 Pack carrier B-Flute.
24 Shipper RSC B-Flute.

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Gain Complete Control Over Point-of-Purchase.

CompanyBox makes it easy to take control over the way you ship and sell products and services. Take a look at our options for providing retailers with a simple setup to sell your products to guarantee success.

Display Header Card Make Your Products Stand Out

Using a display header card, customers won’t ever have to wonder about your product. With a point-of-purchase display card, you can effectively market what your product is and how it works. You can also lure in customers with an attractive visual that you design. Plus, it works easily with our half-slotted carton to create a single, cohesive visual experience. That means more ways to have complete control over a customer’s experience.

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Half-Slotted Carton A Display for Every Occasion

The half-slotted carton is designed to be a go-to merchandise stand. No matter what kind of product you’re trying to sell, our half-slotted carton gives you a perfect option to display it in style. Whether you want to set up a dump bin, an organized stand, or something more creative, using the carton will give you the power to define your product’s presentation when it hits retail. It pairs perfectly with our display header card option to give you even more ways to tailor your point-of-purchase experience.

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POP Mailer Ship It, Sell It

Need to ship something to sell? With a POP mailer, it’s simple to pack your merchandise and sell it in a way that you choose. With our POP mailer options, just pack it up and ship it out. After that, all a retailer has to do is open it up, and the product is ready to sell. This is a great way to give your company complete control over the shopping experience.

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BrrrBox!TM Showcase Your Brand at Events

Looking for a way to stand out at your next event? With the BrrrBox!TM, you can easily showcase your event with a vividly printed event cooler. Our special water resistant construction and closure means that it can stand up to even the longest event.

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Wine Pack The Perfect Addition to Any Bottle

Whether you’re packing up wine to sell or to give as a gift, the wine pack is a great option to show it off in a new light. CompanyBox provides our customers with an easy way to carry either one or two bottles anywhere with customized, high-definition branding.

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Craft Beers Case Bring Personality to Your Beer

Do you need a stylish way to sell or transport your beer? The Craft Beers Case offers the option to package and transport beer in a 6-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack. Now you can have full control over how you showcase your brand.

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See Your Brand in a New Way.

CompanyBox offers a wide selection of custom boxes in any shape or design you want. Just tell us your needs, and we’ll do the rest. Click below to get your very own sample today!

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Take Control Over Your Merchandise

When you have a say in the way your product is displayed at the point of retail, it lets you know that customers are seeing your products in the way that you envisioned. It leaves less to chance and lets you set the stage. Plus, it lowers the chance that a retailer might not do your product justice. When you take advantage of point-of-purchase options from CompanyBox, your products speak for themselves! Get started designing your own custom product box today to sell smarter.

Start building your custom box and packaging today.

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Make an Impression with Every Shipment.

At CompanyBox, we believe that there’s a massive opportunity every time you send out a package. Why settle for shipping a boring corrugated box when you can send a custom box or package for your business? We bring the latest technology, high-end printing equipment, fast order fulfillment, and friendly customer service to create a perfect corrugated box for your every need. Our team is ready to help you make a winning impression starting with your next delivery.