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Don’t miss a key opportunity to reach your audience in a new way. When you mail something, don’t settle for a plain box. Instead, design one with custom branding that makes a lasting impression. Every time you ship something, the package is the first thing the recipient sees. Why not take advantage of that with a customized box that lets you add some personality and makes an impact? CompanyBox offers a wide array of sizes and design options for custom mailers that take your branding to the next level.

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Ear-Lock Mailer

  • Self-locking ear lock lid.
  • Use to pack promotional products or as a sales kit.
  • Open and close without any damage to the box itself.
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One-Piece Folder

  • Narrow-depth package: can ship 3-ring binders.
  • Ship presentation materials.
  • Requires glue or tape to close.
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Tuck-Top Mailer

  • Self-locking tuck-top lid.
  • Use to pack promotional products or as a sales kit.
  • Reusable box.
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Explore Our Full Line of Mailer Options.

We know that when it comes to mailing something, one size doesn’t fit all. CompanyBox is proud to offer three different styles of corrugated cardboard mailers that are fully configurable to your every need. Read below to learn more about all of our options.

Ear-Lock Mailer Presentation, Perfected

Are you looking for a way to ship your package and do it in a way that tells your audience that you value them? With the ear-lock mailer from CompanyBox, you’ll be able to bring maximum brand appeal to your audience. With our online tools, you can customize a personal experience for your audience with a tailored cardboard box design that increases brand awareness and gives your recipient a memorable impression.

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One-Piece Folder Business Made Stylish

If you want to ship business or presentation materials in a hurry, then take advantage of our one-piece folder design to give your company the boost it needs to stand out. This is the perfect option for sending business packages, including things like presentation materials, paperwork, and binders. Make an impression on associates or clients when you highlight your brand as the first thing they see.

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Tuck-Top Mailer Reusable, Recyclable

The Tuck-Top Mailer from CompanyBox gives you a simple way to send your promotional products, sales kits, and more. With a self-locking lid, you provide recipients a way to retain any your box for future use. This can be a huge advantage when the product might not be needed right away or when it needs to be maintained for future uses. Plus, because it’s easy to keep the tuck-top mailer once it’s been received, more eyes will land on your branding over time.

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See Your Brand in Three Dimensions.

CompanyBox offers a wide selection of custom boxes in any style or design you want. Just tell us your needs, and we’ll do the rest. Click below to get your very own sample today!

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Make Your Brand Stand out with CompanyBox.

Choosing a custom-branded box will make your company stand out against the competition. It gives you an easy way of boosting your name recognition and cut down on marketing costs. Give your recipients the best impression and the best experience with a mailer from CompanyBox!

Start building your custom box and packaging today.

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Make an Impression with Every Shipment.

At CompanyBox, we believe that there’s a massive opportunity every time you send out a package. Why settle for shipping a boring corrugated box when you can send a custom box or package for your business? We bring the latest technology, high-end printing equipment, fast order fulfillment, and friendly customer service to create a perfect corrugated box for your every need. Our team is ready to help you make a winning impression starting with your next delivery.