Improve the Look of Your Brand with CompanyBox

Are you looking for an easy way to take the visual appeal of your business to the next level? Request more details on how you can boost your branding and grow your company with custom shipping materials, packing materials, and more with CompanyBox.


How It Works


Put together your own custom design to make your brand stick out from the crowd. Our team will help you create the perfect custom box to better built your brand.


A strong brand is a symbol of a strong company. CompanyBox believes that branding matters and we can help your business stand out from the pack.


When you take advantage of custom packaging you’re increasing customer engagement and building brand awareness. Experience how building your brand can grow your business.

Exceptional Printing is Our Priority Look just as good in real life as you do on the screen.

When you take advantage of a custom designed box from the team at CompanyBox, people notice! We think that every time you send out a package, you have an opportunity to make an impression. Showcase your brand whether you’re shipping products, presentation materials, or anything else. Our sharp, vivid graphics let customers and clients alike know that your business takes even the smallest detail seriously. Learn how you can begin to grow your brand with CompanyBox today.


People get all kinds of mailers every day, and a good portion end up in the trash or recycling right away. Make yours stand out with a custom mailer. CompanyBox puts you in a position to make a big impression every time you send out a piece of mail. Thanks to your customized mailers you can make your brand look even better.


Shipping has become an essential part of everyday life. Why not make your shipping feel more special? Send your shipping to the next level with our stylish, custom shippers. Select your own size and design for a shipper that your audience is sure to love.

Point of Purchase

A big part of any point-of-purchase display is the initial impression you make on your customer. Make a difference in your POP marketing with a custom display. Customized point-of-purchase displays from CompanyBox make the art of the sale more stylish than ever.

Event Trash Boxes

Ensure successful branding at your next event with incredible, custom event trash boxes. There are tons of great chances to make your brand more visible during conferences and other events. Don’t let any opportunity go to waste when you use custom event trash boxes from CompanyBox.

Improve the Look of Your Brand with CompanyBox