Do you have material that is safe for food packaging?

We have two main printers. Our Luxe printer uses water-based ink that is food safe & odorless. This ink meets Nestle guidance and Swiss Ordinance stringent food packaging demands. It is safe for both primary and secondary food packaging. Download the PDF to learn more about the HP water-based inks we use.  HP Water Based Inks – […]

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Can I print white ink on a kraft box?

Currently, we do not offer white ink. Our digital print supports the CMYK color spectrum. An alternative method you may want to consider is to replicate the look of white ink of a kraft box. We recommend you use a white box and simulate the kraft material with ink as a vector-based background.

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Does your ink smear?

We use UV inks that are cured with LED and UV lamps to make sure smearing is not a factor. Our new C-500 digital printer will use a water-based ink, which also will not have any smearing issues.

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Do you outsource my order to someone else?

We are the manufacturer. We do the printing, cutting and gluing in house. We oversee your product from beginning to end. This means we can walk over to check on your order anytime during production!

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Am I limited to printing only on the outside of the box?

Not at all!  You can print on the inside of any corrugated structure. For now, this option is offered offline. Please call to speak to a designer to help you set this up.

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Can you print boxes with a glossy finish?

If you want to enhance the look of your box, try out our gloss finish. It will really make it pop! This finish is a unique solution accomplished through a UV curing process. If you’d like to see it first hand before you order, check out the sample kit.  Note: Make sure to choose Premium White […]

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