Customer Feature: Twig New York Jun 2 2017


Have you ever looked around and found inspiration in the simple things? A twig? A flower? Or just the soil beneath your feet? It’s so easy to brush past nature and not really look at its beauty. But, imagine being inspired by one simple thing and turning it into a business.

That is just what Jackie Kim did a few years ago. And that, my friends, is how Twig New York began. Jackie and her talented team design and create stunning tableware and dinnerware collections that is anything but ordinary.

Just as a musician composes raw musical notes into a ballad, an artist such as those working at Twig New York design products that begin as natural soil and are later formed into stunning ceramics. You have all seen basic plates and platters in stores. Twig New York is not basic. Not even close.

We had the pleasure of working with Jackie to print a few box styles for her lifestyle design brand. Read on to hear more.

What was the inspiration for creating your business? How did you get started?

I was born into a family that dedicated their whole lives to tableware. With a rich history of over 70 years, our parent company is known through its several brands for the manufacturing of only the highest quality bone china. Growing up in such a family, I was always intrigued by the ceramics we produced, and the way natural soil is transformed into beautiful pieces of art which we use in our everyday lives. From a young age I found myself doodling my own design ideas in countless notepads. I believe ordinary moments are the most beautiful parts of our lives. I believe small things do make a big difference. And naturally, a few years ago, I decided to create and develop items that can brighten our everyday lives.

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Your products are beautiful! Take us through the process of creating a new collection.

Currently, our collections are divided into two parts: artist collaborations and in-house designs. Artist collaborations are between Twig NY and several up and coming artists. We work very closely with these artists rather than just recycling existing patterns, and a lot of discussion and thoughts are exchanged when creating new collections. All of our in-house designs are designed in our Twig NY studio in New York City. Although we started our brand with tableware/dinnerware collections, we are now expanding into table fabrics, stationery, and other unique gift products focused on quality and design.

Heritage Mug bottom detail
Would you share one of your secrets for success?

I can’t say we are a success just yet, since we only started selling our products about 2 years ago! However, we put a big emphasis on maintaining the momentum we’ve been lucky enough to have by continuously building the brand and developing new items.

I believe that great ideas come from the unexpected situations, and I enjoy the freedom and unpredictability that comes from an unplanned schedule. I constantly remind myself to be thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given, and I genuinely enjoy what I do. And lastly, I have to mention the importance of being patient and focused, as there are so many day-to-day issues and stresses when operating a small business.

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How would you rate your overall experience with CompanyBox?

Overall we are very satisfied with our experience. CompanyBox will play a big role for us as we move forward with our development of new items. As a design-focused brand, having great packaging is very important, as well as sourcing them at the proper prices with a smooth process. The most amazing part of CompanyBox is that we can easily see the quotes and designs on their website, and that they are easily adjustable to suit our needs.

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