Q & A With CompanyBox Mar 28 2017

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Quality Product + Happy Customers = Successful Company. It’s a pretty simple equation. Of course there are many other components that go into creating a successful business but that’s a topic for another day.

Today we’re focusing on happy customers.

CompanyBox launched in 2016 and since then we’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients. As a start up company, we’ve made huge strides all while focusing on one solid question.

How can we make (and keep) our customers happy?

In an effort to answer the above, we are constantly talking and brainstorming. (You’ll see a few changes in the near future.) We are also listening to you. And we are hearing questions. Lots and lots of questions. Today you are getting answers to all-(fingers crossed!)- of the most common questions we receive. They are divided into five categories: Design, Order, Time, Ship, & Print.

And hey, if you have a question that is not answered below, write it in the comment section and we’ll add it to our list!


DESIGN IT Design It!!

Am I charged by the amount of colors I use? 
No! The price you see is what you will be charged. Use every color of the rainbow if you want!

What are your color settings?
CompanyBox accepts artwork in both CMYK and RGB. However, we encourage customers to convert images to CMYK before uploading files to CompanyBox. This ensures you will be able to soft-proof your CMYK images on your monitor and see color results after the conversion. Images supplied in RGB will be converted to CMYK with an automated process using embedded RGB profiles. Please be aware that screen colors (RGB) may appear duller or lack contrast when printed.

Can I design offline?
Absolutely. Simply download our template and design with even more control using Adobe Illustrator, Photo Shop, or CorelDRAW.

I want to upload an image. What is the recommended DPI?
We recommend a minimum of 200 DPI. Uploading images with less than 200 DPI may result in pixelation.

Can I print inside the box?
Yes, we can print on any style. To do this please email your request to run your order offline.

How do I know which board type to select?
When you are entering custom dimensions, click on the “view recommendations” tab. It will assist you in making your choice.

What is the difference between B-flute, E-flute and C-flute?
E-Flute is generally used for mailers and some specialty displays like the beer and wine holders. E flute board is 1/16th inch thick.

B- Flute can also be used for mailers (tend to be used if there is a heavier product you are placing in the mailer itself to make sure it is properly protected). B-Flute is also a primary substrate used on displays. . B flute board is 1/8th inch thick.

C-Flute is a substrate dedicated for shippers (RSC); it is the strongest of the three substrates and will make sure your product gets to its location safe and sound. C flute  board is 3/16th thick. Try our 44 ECT C-Flute for your heaviest of products. (See our guideline on the website for specifications)

What do the red and black lines mean on the design template?
The black lines indicate where the box will be cut, and the red lines indicate where there is a fold.

I want to see a sample before I order. Is this possible?
We are getting ready to unveil our new sample pack. Stay tuned!

I’m new at this. How do I know it’s going to look good?
We’ve designed our website to be user friendly for all types of skill levels. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised how easy it is. If you’re still unsure of something, call and speak with one of our designers or send them an email through our Contact Form. They will be happy to assist you.

Can you design different shaped boxes other than square and rectangle?
We sure can. Our structural designers are some of the best in the market. If you have an idea let us know and one of our designers will help bring your idea to life.

Does CompanyBox offer design services?
Absolutely! We are happy to offer this service. CompanyBox charges $150/hour with a minimum of 2 hours dedicated per project.

How will I know what it is going to look like?
Make sure you click on the 3D preview button! You will be able to see your design from every angle.

Can you print boxes with a glossy finish? Yes, please send us a message to request gloss.

Can I save my work and come back to it later?
Yes! Create an account to take advantage of unlimited design storage. You can also revisit templates you’ve ordered in the past to order more.


Is there a minimum order amount?
The minimum order is just 10 pieces. High volume runs can be priced off line. Please email your request.

Are there hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees. The price you see includes printing, cutting and gluing if needed. After you are finished designing you will be able to see your shipping cost.

How do I cancel an order I just placed? 
Cancellation can only occur before you approve the proof for your order! If you need to cancel your order email us as quickly as possible and do not approve the proof. Once your proof has been approved, your order moves into production and no further changes or cancellations can be made.

How do I get in touch with someone about my order?
Please send us an email and have your order number ready.


Talk to me about production and shipping times.
Production turnaround refers to the time after you place your order until it is shipped. This is typically 10 days. Shipping transit time depends on where you are located. This can take anywhere from 3-5 days. For west coast shipping add 3 to 4 business days.

What makes CompanyBox different from other companies?
Unlike competitors, we do not have to use printing plates and expensive cutting dies for most orders. That means a faster turn around time and lower prices. The cost-savings is passed onto you!


Am I limited to printing only on the outside of the box?
No! You can print on the inside as well. Please call and speak to a designer to help you set this up.

Do you outsource my order to someone else?
No. We are the manufacturer. We do the printing, cutting and gluing in house. We oversee your product from beginning to end. This means we can walk over to check on your order anytime during production.

Does your ink smear?
We use a water-based ink on all of our boxes that saturate the paper board, once saturated it is cured with LED and UV lamps to make sure that smearing is not a factor.

Are your boxes made in the US and are do you use sustainable materials?
All our boxes are 100% printed and produced in the USA using UV-curable inks These inks meet ISO proofing standards and are certified for low chemical emissions per the stringent UL GREENGUARD Gold standard. All of our corrugated contains recycled fiber and all our products are fully recyclable.


How much is shipping?
Shipping is calculated at the end of your design process. It will depend on the quantity and your location. Your shipping cost reflects our volume freight discount.

How will my order arrive?
Depending on the size of your order, it will either arrive in a CompanyBox unique shipper, or on a pallet for the larger orders. If you are ordering a large order (500+ boxes) we ask that you make sure you are either having it delivered to a business with a dock for delivery or advise us that a gate will be required for delivery. This will prevent you from receiving any unforeseen charges.

Do you ship outside the US?
We ship to Canada but we are not currently set up to ship to other countries.

Can I ship a mailer without using any other external packaging? Yes our mailers are designed to hold up as a shipper.

Please make sure to leave a comment with any question we may have missed!


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